Het Systeem Ontrafeld


25 en 26 september 2020

“Tearing the system apart
Intra-oral scanning: options, opportunities and limitations”

Prof. Dr. Bernd Wöstmann and Dr. A. Schlenz (Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany)

La Reserve, Knokke

Accreditering goedgekeurd DG 7

Abstract en programma:

Intraoral scanning is the most interesting actual development in modern prosthodontics. It is the decisive step that makes it possible to circumvent the error prone traditional way of impression taking and model casting. Up to now nearly all CAD/CAM based milling and manufacturing processes are based mostly on the scanning of traditional gypsum casts. Dentistry in the future will be clearly digital (think of traditional and digital photography and the rapid change in this field) and it is only a matter time until the traditional impression becomes obsolete. Contemporary intraoral scanners meanwhile deliver a precision that is at least comparable to conventional impression taking when it comes to the reproduction of a single quadrant even in implant prosthodontics. However, reproducing a full arch or edentulous tissues is still difficult. Results of recent research suggest that this is altogether more a question of the software than the hardware.

The course will cover the following topics together with appropriate case examples :

– Evolution of intraoral scanners. Why should I buy a scanner?
– What about the accuracy? Single restorations, implants, full arch, orthodontics
– The digital workflow
– Jaw relation recording – Are scanners a real alternative?
– New options with intraoral scanners in implant prosthodontics
– What extra options do we have? Follow-up, analysing tooth movement, wear, erosion,
caries detection, shade selection, “smile-design”
– Intraoral scanning in removable cases and edentulous patients
– Where are we heading? Further development of digital impressioning, how to prepare
for the future:
– How do the systems work?
– “Battle of the scanners”:
o short presentation of different intraoral systems by their respective manufacturers
o panel discussion

Deze cursus is met een beperkt aantal deelnemers, deelname na inschrijven bepaald volgens datum betaling