How to manage permanent teeth after trauma or with big caries in children

Vrijdag 25 november 2022

Prof. Dr. Monty Duggal (U Leeds, Singapore and Qatar)

La Réserve Knokke


9:00-10:30u: From a gentle tap to a big whack!  Management of periodontal injuries to Young permanent incisors.

10:30-11:00u: koffiepauze

11:00-12:30: Pulpal injuries to young permanent incisors-The death of the pulp and its rebirth.  Truths, half-truths and Myths

12:30-14:00: lunch

14:00-15:30u: Managing the legacy of severe trauma in children and adolescents-Giving children excellent biological, sustainable and long term outcomes through an interdisciplinary approach.

15:30-16:00u: koffiepauze

16:00-17:30u: The last word. My way or no way at all? Biological versus conventional approaches to restorative dentistry in children. 

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