How to manage permanent teeth after trauma or with big caries in children

Vrijdag 25 november 2022

Prof. Dr. Monty Duggal (U Leeds, Singapore and Qatar)

La Réserve Knokke

accreditering DG 5 AE 40


9:00-10:30u: From a gentle tap to a big whack!  Management of periodontal injuries to Young permanent incisors.

This lecture will give an update on the management of all injuries with implications for the periodontal ligament.  IADT guidelines were reviewed and some changes were made from previous guidelines in 2012.  Old and new guidelines will be compared and reasons for the changes will be discussed.  The emphasis of this lecture will be on clinical management.

10:30-11:00u: koffiepauze

11:00-12:30: Pulpal injuries to young permanent incisors-The death of the pulp and its rebirth.  Truths, half-truths and Myths

There is now an evolving philosophy that conservative management of the pulp is the best option for many pulpal injuries, be it trauma or caries.  Management of injuries with pulp involvement will be discussed.  The use of new bio-materials for management immature traumatised non-vital incisors will also be presented.  Revitalisation has had a lot of press.  A critique of revitalisation and its clinical use will be presented with the use of clinical cases to illustrate the technique and its drawbacks.

12:30-14:00: lunch

14:00-15:30u: Managing the legacy of severe trauma in children and adolescents-Giving children excellent biological, sustainable and long term outcomes through an interdisciplinary approach.

Complex trauma in children and adolescents requires an interdisciplinary management approach.  This talk will focus on interdisciplinary management with emphasis of autotransplantation as a valid technique for replacement of teeth lost due to trauma or to replace teeth missing due to developmental defects.   

15:30-16:00u: koffiepauze

16:00-17:30u: The last word. My way or no way at all? Biological versus conventional approaches to restorative dentistry in children. 

There has been a revolution in the management of caries in primary dentition in the last few years.  Biological and contemporary technique have fast replaced many conventional methods.  A more conservative approach is advocated for managing caries in children.  Several guidelines have been published, one from the EAPD very recently.  This lecture will give an update on the clinical techniques that are useful in general practice for management of large carious lesions in children. Without using invasive methods.

Monty Duggal

Prof dr Monty Duggal obtained his master degree in Paediatric Dentistry from India and his PhD from University of Leeds.  He was appointed Professor and Chair of Child Dental Health at Leeds Dental Institute in 1999. In January 2017 he was appointed as Professor and Head of Paediatric Dentistry in the Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore. In January 2021 he was invited to become the Inaugural Dean of the first College of Dental Medicine in Qatar within the Qatar University.  He is the past-president of the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD).   He has published over 170 research papers in international journals. His main research interest is Cariology and Translation Research in Clinical Paediatric Dentistry, including dental traumatology and regenerative endodontics and auto-transplantation.